Make Something Beautiful for Me


We have had the opportunity to visit several churches here in Rome, and although I marveled at the beauty of St. Mary Major, the history behind St. Paul Outside the Walls and the art housed at St. Peter’s, I had a profound experience at the Basilica of St. Prassede.

I sat down to pray and wondered why the churches back home aren’t like the churches here. Why aren’t our ceilings adorned with mosaics and our floors patterned with beautiful tiles? I found myself wondering “Why aren’t our churches back home this beautiful?

God responded with a very clear request:

Make something beautiful for me, Melissa.

I asked, “But how?”

He replied, “You already know how.”

I was overcome with emotion because of course He was right. He’s already shown me. I’ve been blessed with very real gifts and talents, and I have an even deeper understanding now of what it means to make something beautiful for the Lord. I’m a maker, and what I make will be beautiful because what I make will be made for the Lord.

Tomorrow we will go to Assisi, and I am so excited to experience St. Francis, who was told “Rebuild my church.” I have a feeling that God has something extraordinary waiting for me there.

Please continue praying that I will be open to God’s will and for the safety of all pilgrims as we make our way to Krakow!






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